R.M. Renfield played by actor Dwight Frye

What is the meaning of Renfield? We get asked this a lot, but the question is more like who is Renfield. The quick answer is, he's widely known as "Dracula's assistant."  Infamously played by actor Dwight Frye, R.M. Renfield was the mysterious fictional character that appeared in Bram Stoker's Dracula

As described at the Fandom Wikia site:

R.M. Renfield was a mental patient under the care of Dr. John Seward. He was diagnosed a "zoophagous maniac" or carnivorous madman, ingesting insects and spiders, believing their life-force would prolong his years. His age in the novel is stated as being 59, but in the many film adaptions his age varies. It is also stated when he was being subdued he showed the strength of a tiger, more a wild beast than human. He is also quite crafty and displays a superior intellect when he is not in a melancholy state or a fit of rage. Dracula brutally killed Renfield for his eventual betrayal.

"Generally in charge of a lot of things."

Founded in 1978, Renfield Productions was the partnership production company for director Joe Dante, and producer Mike Finnell. Together, their combined use of artistic wit and Corman-esque business savvy has produced over 15 celebrated film and TV projects. 

A legacy company, Renfield has occupied a home in every major studio in Los Angeles, with it's longest residency at the independent Warner Hollywood (aka "The Lot") and most recently settled within the historic walls of Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood, CA.

Today, Renfield continues to develop, create and produce all varieties of television, film and media content under the shadow of it's same evil leaders.

Renfield Productions logo bump circa 1996

Renfield Productions' "Vitruvian Fly" by artist Greg Smallwood